About Us


The inaugural Honor Flight Tour took place in May of 2005. Six small planes flew out of Springfield, Ohio taking twelve World War II Veterans on a visit to the memorial in Washington, DC. In August of 2005, an ever-expanding waiting list of Veterans led our transition to commercial airline carriers with the goal of accommodating as many Veterans as possible. Partnering with HonorAir in Hendersonville, North Carolina, the Honor Flight Network was formed. Today, the network is expanding its programs to cities across the nation.

Honor Flight Bay Area was founded in 2014 to serve those in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since Honor Flight Bay Area was founded, other Honor Flight Hubs have closed leaving our hub to service approximately 40 counties in Northern California (from the Bay Area to the northern California border with Oregon to the Nevada boarder).

Board of Directors

Michael Singleton


U.S. Navy, Vietnam Veteran

Carl Stewart


General Electric Co. (Ret.), Navy Veteran

Randall Ramian

Treasurer, Co-founder

CEO USS HORNET Museum (Ret.)
Navy Veteran

Connie Johnson, RN

Medical Director

Critical Care Nurse

LeAnn Thornton

USO Northern California (SFO)

Family Support Specialist

Carolyn Wong

Database Manager

General Electric Co. (Ret.)

Dao Nguyen


Fire Innvestigator

Gary B. Laine, DDS

Avid World War Historian, Prosthodontist (Ret.)
Navy Veteran

Directors Emeritus

John Armenta


General Electric Co. (Ret)
USN Veteran, MM1(SS)

Attilio Serafini


Honor Flight Treasurer
Captain, SC, USN (Ret)

Nathan Cheung

VP of Premier Lacrosse League

Douglas M. Moore, Jr.


Rear Admiral, SC, USN (Ret)
Retired Superior Court Judge

James Oates


General Electric Co. (Ret.)
Army Veteran

Don Newton


Marine Corps Veteran

Robert Berglund


General Electric Co. (Ret.)
Navy Veteran

Mason Weirshauser

Battalion Chief
Santa Clara City Fire Dept. (Ret.)

Judith Petray

Allstate Managing Attorney
Director Litigation Services (Ret.)